Safety Services Division

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Safety ServicesThe Safety Services Division offers a variety of programs for adults, teenagers, and children. All programs are free of charge to the general public, with the exception of the Defensive Driving course. Contact Oklahoma Farm Bureau's Safety Services Director to learn how to bring OKFB's safety programs to your local community, school or gathering. Call OKFB Safety Director Micah Martin at (405) 641-5151.

Requesting a Safety Services program

OKFB's Safety Services division travels around the state to educate people of all ages through a wide variety of safety programs. To request one of OKFB Safety Services' programs be held in your community, download and complete the Safety Services Program Request Form, fill in the required information and return it by email to the address shown on the application.

When hosting the DUI Prevention program or the Fire Safety Trailer, release forms are required for participation. We have provided the forms below for you to distribute and collect prior to the date of your DUI Prevention or Fire Safety Trailer Program.

Fire Safety Trailer - Children

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Safety Services Fire Safety TrailerThe Farm Bureau Safety Trailer is a 40-foot mobile classroom, with a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. This program features safety lessons targeted to grade school students. Students learn to crawl out of a smoke simulated area, feeling their way around heated doors. Children can practice escaping from either the first or the second floor, depending on which fire safety trailer is available. The realistic smoke simulation provides is non-toxic, providing a safe learning environment.

Basic topics include: home evacuation; smoke detectors; common household hazards which create fires; and what to do in case of a fire.

Farm Safety - Fourth-grade students and up

Programs can be performed to fit an allotted time frame - from 15 minutes - up to one hour. Programs are available on a myriad of farm safety topics including tractor safety, combine safety, chain saw safety, baler safety, and related farming operations safety. OFB's farm safety courses have been utilized by vocational agriculture groups, FFA groups, 4-H classes, farm day camps, and 4-H safety camps.

School Bus Safety - Children

This program, geared for students pre-K through sixth grade, includes a safety video and an instructor-led presentation. Topics include: waiting for the bus; the proper way of behaving on the bus; crossing the street in front of the bus; and what to do in case of emergencies.

Bike Safety - Children in kindergarten to third grade

This program includes a video and a talk presentation. Topics include: seeing the traffic and being seen; the best type of clothing to wear to be seen; how to dress for day or night riding; what to watch for; and why to watch for automobiles.

Defensive Driving Course - 16-year-olds and up

The curriculum for this course is provided by the National Safety Council, and includes videos and class participation. This is a six-hour course.

Members of Oklahoma Farm Bureau who have their automobile insurance through the Farm Bureau Insurance Company can receive an approximate 5% discount on their auto insurance upon completion of the course. Certification in the course lasts for three years. The cost of the course is $10 for OKFB members. Non-members pay the equivalent cost of a Farm Bureau memership in their county, with the option to become an OKFB member.

The course can be provided to groups other than Farm Bureau members, upon request.

All of the programs provided by the Safety Services Division are free of charge to the general public, with the exception of the Defensive Driving Course.

For more information, contact Safety Director Micah Martin at (405) 641-5151.