Ottawa County Farm Bureau

Ottawa County Farm Bureau

In Ottawa County, agriculture is the number one industry. Agriculture is very diversified in Ottawa County. With an annual rainfall of 40 inches, grain crops are grown with a major portion of the wheat ground double-cropped back to soybeans. Crops grown include soybeans, wheat, milo, corn, and fescue seed. Also produced are blueberries and mushrooms. In livestock production, we have cow-calf and stocker operations. They run mostly on fescue and bermuda grass pastures, but there are still a few areas of native grasses in the county. Ottawa County has chicken, turkey, dairy, and hog farming operations.

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Board Members Main Office

Greg Leonard (Afton)

Vice President
Alisen Anderson (Miami)

Melody Hail (Miami)

Morris Merit (Miami)

Aaron Alsbaugh (Miami)

Mark Detherage (Fairland)

Mark Merit (Miami)

Randy Mercer (Miami)

25 E. Steve Owens Blvd.
Miami, OK 74354

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Phone: 918-542-3790
Fax: 918-542-9844


Secretary: Melody Hail, CSR and Alice Hollon