Washington County Farm Bureau

Washington County Farm Bureau

The Washington County Farm Bureau is involved in a number of 4-H and FFA sponsored activities, as well as civic events. We are sponsors of many awards for the county 4-H program, as well as a traditional supporter of the spring Livestock Show. Washington County has a population of 44,000 with 25% of the population being rural. Bartlesville is home to the ConocoPhillips Company, and is the site of the largest regional medical center for southeast Kansas and northeast Oklahoma. Agriculture is important to the local economy with beef cattle contributing the largest proportion of earnings. Washington County is the third largest pecan producing county in the state, and typically a top ten contributor for soybean production. Other major crops grown in Washington County include prairie hay, corn, grain sorghum, and wheat. The county is home to one of the largest horse populations in the state, and is the site of a wild horse refuge sponsored by the US Bureau of Land Management. Washington County is in the heart of the tall grass prairie, with a rich heritage of ranching.

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Board Members Main Office

Macy Strom (Copan)

Vice President
Nellie Morgan (Ramona)

Norita Martin (Copan)

Randy Pirtle (Copan)

Frankie DeLapp (Bartlesville)

Greg Reynolds (Bartlesville)

Steve Snelson (Wann)

1212 SE Frank Phllips Blvd.
Bartlesville, OK 74003

Map: from Google maps (External Link)

Phone: 918-336-1355
Fax: 918-336-6003

Email: Washington.CO74@okfb.com

Secretary: Brenda McCollough