Coal County Farm Bureau

Coal County Farm Bureau

Coal County Farm Bureau sponsors premiums at the annual county Livestock Show. We give donations yearly to the 4-H Roundup. We sponsor a coloring contest for all kindergartners in the county area schools. Additionally, we host a defensive driving class, and sponsor safety seminars at county schools. Our main livestock enterprise is cattle, but we also have large hog operations. Our main crop is hay. Coal County is a rural county. The largest enterprise is ranching, and the largest employer is Wrangler. Our main attractions are deer, and turkey hunting, fishing, the Coal County Historical and Miners Museum, and the Coal County Genealogy and Research Library. Our main annual events are the Amish Auction, held the 3rd Saturday in September, the annual Fossil Festival, and the `89 Land Run.

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Board Members Main Office

Phillip Helms (Coalgate)

Vice President
Caleb Ward (Coalgate)

Olene Daniel (Coalgate)

Olene Daniel (Coalgate)

Larry Krebs (Coalgate)

Louis J. Sandmann Jr. (Coalgate)

1007 S. Broadway
Coalgate, OK 74538

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Phone: 580-927-2324
Fax: 580-927-3500


Secretary: Lisa Talley