The OKAgFund is Oklahoma Farm Bureau's Political Action Committee, which is directed and driven by Oklahoma farmers and ranchers. The OKAgFund provides a way through which OKFB members have the ability of participate in the political process.

OKAgFund LogoThe purpose of the OKAgFund is to influence the nomination, election or se|ection of qualified candidates to public office who have demonstrated basics beliefs and/or actions which are consistent with Oklahoma Farm Bureau policies, regardless of political affiliation.

Oklahoma Farm Bureau members elect to donate to the fund when they become an OKFB member or renew their membership. OKAgFund committee members from across the state meet regionally and as a statewide committee to determine how monies are spent. Committee members are OKFB members and farmers and ranchers who understand the issues facing agriculture and rural Oklahoma.

This structure provides true grassroots decision making on OKAgFund spending. In addition to spending, OKAgFund committee members can also endorse candidates who do and will represent agriculture and rural Oklahoma.

Donations in the form of checks, made out to OKAgFund, can be mailed to: OKAgFund, 2501 N Stiles, Oklahoma City, OK 73105.

For questions regarding the OKAgFund or donations, please call Emmy Karns at (405) 523-2300.