Farm Bureau Leadership Committee

2017 Program of Work Evaluation Sheet

with Book of Events - Check Program of Work Book for deadline




I. Developing Leaders

(1) Conferences - Two

  1. State Convention
  2. OKFB Women’s Leadership Committee Fall Conference
  3. August Area Meetings
  4. Annual Meeting
  5. Other*

(2)County Meetings - Two

  1. County Planning Program of Work due March 15 (required)
  2. Regular Leadership Committee Meetings/FBW Meeting
  3. Women's Day (page 5)
  4. Other*

II. Networking

(1)Awareness - One

  1. Fair Booths (local or state)
  2. Rural-Urban Day
  3. Other*

(2)Special Projects - Two

  1. AFBF Foundation for Agriculture/ White Reinhardt Fund
  2. Nurse's Scholarship Fund
  3. Oklahoma Farm Bureau Legal Foundation/OKAgFund/Oklahoma Farming and Ranching Foundation
  4. State Food Bank donation or local food bank donation
  5. Pennies for Friendship
  6. Other*

(3)Tradition - One

  1. District Farm and Ranch Family Recognition Award and/or YF&R Achievement Award
  2. Conduct Citizenship/Patriotism/Veterans Day program

III. Family

(1)Health - Three

  1. Health Program Speakers
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Poster Contest
  4. Health Fairs/Nutrition/Local Food Drive
  5. Organ/Tissue Donor Programs
  6. Other*

(2)Safety - Three

  1. State/County Safety Seminar/Youth Safety Day
  2. OKFB Safety Program (Listed on page 14)
  3. Adult Safety
  4. Emergency Phone Books (online)
  5. Poster Contests
  6. Other*

(3)Spiritual Heritage - One

  1. Devotions and/or Prayers at all meetings
  2. Memorial Service
  3. Other*

IV. Influencing the Political Process

(1)Resolutions - Two

  1. County Resolutions Meeting
  2. Attend State Resolutions at Convention
  3. Delegate to State Convention
  4. Submit Resolutions to County
  5. Other*

(2)Priority Issues - Two

  1. Federal
  2. State
  3. Environmental
  4. Candidate Surfacing
  5. Voter Awareness
  6. Other*

(3)Contacts - Two

  1. Visits to the Capitol (State and Federal)
  2. Dinners and/or Meetings
  3. Letters, telephone calls, email
  4. Other*

V. Communicating the Ag Story

(1)Farm City Festival - One

  1. Supply Food
  2. Participate/Work
  3. Money
  4. Other*

(2)Consumer Education - Two

  1. County Farm-City Festival and/or Bread Day
  2. Our Food Link
  3. Door Prizes/Made in Oklahoma
  4. Commodity Trailer
  5. Commodity Tour
  6. Other*

(3)Ag in the Classroom - Three

  1. Farm Tours/Children/Adults/Internationals Visitor
  2. Plant a Tree
  3. Pizza Party and/or Hamburger Demonstration
  4. Adoption of Classroom/Club (4-H, FFA, etc
  5. Sponsor teacher to On the Road with Ag in the Classroom
  6. Commodity Trailer
  7. Other*

* 'Other' under each category indicates there may be a substitution for a listed activity.

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