Cotton is predominantly grown in the southwest corner of the state, with some acreage found in north central Oklahoma. There are 24 regulated cotton gins located across the state to handle the 200,000 bales harvested on average each year. More than half of the cotton baled across the United States goes into apparel. Cotton is the single best-selling fiber in America today, outselling all man-made ftibers combined. In addition to cotton fibers, cottonseed is pressed for oil, and the hulls are used for livestock feed.

Please note that due to exceptional drought, Oklahoma's cotton industry is preparing for the 2013 cotton crop to be the third-straight year of minimal to no production. For example, in 2010, 422,000 bales of cotton were produced. In 2011, the first year of drought, 87,000 bales were produced.

Cotton harvest in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Ranking: 9
National Ranking (2011): 16
2011 Value: $37 (million)


AFBF Cotton Advisory Committee Member: Keeff Felty, Jackson County


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