News Release

OKFB announces AgBoost® software as new member benefit

June 8, 2018  • News Center

Oklahoma Farm Bureau members now can receive special offers and discounts from Agric-Bioformatics’ AgBoost®, a cloud-based software for livestock producers that will process and streamline data for selective breeding, health, market value and nutrition management.

AgBoost shows ranchers the genetic profile and attributes of a single animal or the entire herd. Interested to know that one of your animals scores 60 percent in marbling, 90 percent in average daily gain, but only 30 percent in pregnancy rate? Now, you can breed with that information at your fingertips.

It takes an average of three to four years to determine the quality of a calf for breeding purposes. Producers spend resources maintaining the animals, only to learn later which ones have poor breeding characteristics. AgBoost removes the guesswork and waiting. Send a small hair sample and see the results on your phone, desktop or in the field.  

Oklahoma Farm Bureau members can:

  • Manage the first 25 animals for free on AgBoost
  • Receive two free DNA tests when ordering 10 or more tests
  • Receive discounts on other premium services

Compare the profiles of all your animals, clearly see where your herd is strongest and breed what you really need. Visit to learn more.