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How to vote with the OKAgFund on Nov. 6

October 16, 2018  • Public Policy

Oklahoma voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6 to elect the state’s next governor, along with state officials, representatives and senators. 

The OKAgFund, the political action committee of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, has met over the past few months to identify the candidates who best represent the values of rural Oklahoma. The OKAgFund is supported by voluntary contributions from Farm Bureau members across the state as an optional portion of their membership dues. To learn more, visit

Below, find the candidates funded by the OKAgFund. Candidates receiving an endorsement – the highest level of support – are indicated by an asterisk (*).


Kevin Stitt*

Matt Pinnell*
Lieutenant Governor

Mike Hunter*
Attorney General

Randy McDaniel*
State Treasurer

Cindy Byrd
State Auditor

Leslie Osborn*
Labor Commissioner

Bob Anthony*
Corporation Commissioner

Glen Mulready*
Insurance Commissioner


Marty Quinn 
SD 2

Mark Dean Allen*
SD 4

Roger Thompson*
SD 8

Bill Coleman
SD 10

James Leewright*
SD 12

Frank Simpson*
SD 14

Kim David*
SD 18

Chuck Hall
SD 20

Stephanie Bice
SD 22

Darrell Weaver
SD 24

Darcy Jech
SD 26

Jason Smalley
SD 28

John Symcox
SD 30

John M. Montgomery
SD 32

John Haste
SD 36

Brent Howard*
SD 38

Joe Howell
SD 40

Brenda Stanley
SD 42

Kay Floyd
SD 46


Johnny Tadlock
HD 1

Tom Stites
HD 2

Josh West*
HD 5

John L. Myers
HD 6

Ben Loring
HD 7

Tom Gann*
HD 8

Mark Lepak
HD 9

Kevin Stacy
HD 10

Judd Strom
HD 10

Derrell Fincher
HD 11

Kevin McDugle
HD 12

Avery Frix
HD 13

Chris Sneed
HD 14

Randy Randleman
HD 15

Scott Fetgatter*
HD 16

Jim Grego*
HD 17

Donnie Condit
HD 18

Justin J.J. Humphrey*
HD 19

Dustin Roberts
HD 21

Charles McCall*
HD 22

Terry O’Donnell
HD 23

Steve Kouplen
HD 24

Dell Kerbs
HD 26

Danny Sterling
HD 27

Zack Taylor
HD 28

Kyle Hilbert
HD 29

Mark Lawson
HD 30

Garry Mize
HD 31

Kevin Wallace*
HD 32

Aaron Means
HD 34

Ty Burns
HD 35

Sean Roberts*
HD 36

Ken Luttrell
HD 37

John Pfeiffer*
HD 38

Ryan Martinez
HD 39

Chad Caldwell
HD 40

Denise Crosswhite Hader
HD 41

Jay Steagall
HD 43

Bryan Vinyard
HD 46

Brian Hill
HD 47

Marcus McEntire
HD 50

Brad Boles 
HD 51

Charles Ortega
HD 52

Mark McBride
HD 53

Kevin West
HD 54

Todd Russ*
HD 55 

Harold Wright*
HD 57

Carl Newton
HD 58 

Mike Sanders
HD 59

Rhonda Baker*
HD 60

Kenton Patzkowsky*
HD 61

Trey Caldwell
HD 63

Rande Worthen*
HD 64

Toni Hasenback
HD 65

Jadine Nollan
HD 66

Lonnie Sims
HD 68

Carol Bush
HD 70 

Cheryl Baber
HD 71

Monroe Nichols
HD 72

T.J. Marti
HD 75

Ross Ford
HD 76

Todd Blackburn
HD 77

Karen Gilbert
HD 79

Stan May
HD 80

Nicole Miller
HD 81

Jason Reese
HD 83

Tammy West
HD 84

Matt Jackson
HD 85

Jon Echols*
HD 90

Chris Kannady
HD 91

Lewis H. Moore*
HD 96

Ajay Pittman
HD 99

Marilyn Stark
HD 100

Robert Manger
HD 101