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Coopers named District Five Farm and Ranch Family

November 19, 2018  • OKFB Leadership Team

Contact: Hannah Davis

The Jeff and Holly Cooper family of Poteau received the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee’s District Five Farm and Ranch Family Recognition during the organization’s 77th annual meeting on Saturday, Nov. 17 in Norman. 

Jeff and Holly CooperThe Coopers have a herd of 100 Braford cows that Jeff said works well for the area. The family focuses on carefully managing their herd and being good stewards of the natural resources on the family’s ranch.

“I feel like that if I do my job of providing the care, the grass, the fresh water, that I maximize their potential, my potential and the land’s potential,” Jeff said. “It’s all about a balance in my opinion. We’ve got to keep a good balance for the land, and for us, and for the animals. And if we maintain that balance, it has worked really well for us.”

Jeff and Holly raised three daughters – Kennedi, Skyler and Kaitlin – sharing their love for nature and the rural lifestyle. Now they have the opportunity to see grandchildren return and spend time with the cattle and with nature.

“That’s one thing I’ve always thought with the farm life, that it’s a lot nicer having a big family like that,” Holly said. 

In addition to their ranching, Jeff works as a real-estate agent and operates a scrapyard. Holly retired from a career in nursing and now is a photographer in the Poteau community.

Through all their endeavors, Jeff said the family’s ranch allows them to combine their passions around agriculture.

“We just enjoy the outdoors that God has made for us all,” Jeff said. “It’s a way to enjoy the seasons because you’re outdoors a lot taking care of the place, trying to be a good steward of what you’re blessed with. To me, it’s trying to be a good manager for the cattle and for the wildlife and for the property.”

OKFB’s Farm & Ranch Family Recognition program honors a farm and ranch family in each of OKFB’s nine districts who upholds the best traditions of Oklahoma agriculture and rural Oklahoma as they raise food and fiber for our state and beyond.

“Our farm and ranch families play a vital role in growing food, caring for the land and making our rural communities vibrant,” said Kitty Beavers, 2018 OKFB WLC Chairman. “Our Women’s Leadership Committee is proud to recognize these families’ hard work and dedication to agriculture and Oklahoma. Each of these families is a tremendous asset to Oklahoma as they continue some of the best traditions our state knows.”  

As part of their recognition, the family received a cash award along with a custom sign to hang at their farm gate.

The Oklahoma Farm Bureau Annual Meeting is the organization’s largest yearly gathering of farmers and ranchers. At the event, members vote on grassroots policy, elect leaders and award outstanding individuals. OKFB has a presence in all 77 Oklahoma counties and serves as the voice of agriculture and the rural way of life. To learn more, visit

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Jeff and Holly Cooper of Poteau were named the 2018 Oklahoma Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee’s Farm & Ranch Family Recognition recipients for OKFB District 5 at the organization’s awards banquet on Saturday, Nov. 17, at the 2018 OKFB annual meeting in Norman. Pictured left to right: Jeff, Holly and Kennedi Cooper.

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