News Release

Moesel: Farmers want free trade, not payments

December 3, 2018  • Public Policy

Oklahoma Farm Bureau President Rodd Moesel recently was quoted in an article by The Oklahoman about the Trump administration’s Market Facilitation Program, which was created to administer payments to farmers struggling from ongoing international trade disputes. 

“Our folks don’t really want this program, they want free and open trade,” Moesel said. “I think there’s an appreciation from a lot of people that this is better than nothing and helps soften the blow while the negotiations are still going.

“But they don’t want the world to become a world where this is normal and this is an ongoing thing.” 

The Market Facilitation Program provides direct payments to producers of soybeans, sorghum, corn, wheat, cotton, dairy, hogs, shelled almonds and cherries. Applications will be accepted through Jan. 15, 2019. Learn more on the USDA website here.

Read the full article by The Oklahoman online here.