News Release

Statement from OKFB President Tom Buchanan regarding Attorney General Scott Pruitt

December 17, 2014  • News Releases

We have seen and heard much talk in the media lately about our Attorney General Scott Pruitt. The talking heads would like for you to believe that industry in the state of Oklahoma has bought and paid off our AG. Nothing could be further from the truth. We at Oklahoma Farm Bureau would like to set the record straight.

AG Pruitt and Oklahoma Farm Bureau have worked closely and tirelessly over the past few years to make sure our membership has been protected from overregulation, whether from the EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or even private environmental groups such as HSUS. All of these groups have tried and continue to try to have a major impact on how we farm and ranch here in the state. Make no mistake, not just these groups but many others have come after our very way of life. One person and one office has shown the courage it takes to stand up to such out-of-state interest, and that person is AG Scott Pruitt.

While many from across our state’s borders want to criticize the AG for standing up for personal property rights and our way of living, we at Oklahoma Farm Bureau want to commend AG Pruitt and tell him to keep up the fight! As the state’s voice for agriculture, Oklahoma Farm Bureau stands with our attorney general and will keep fighting for our members’ right to farm and ranch in Oklahoma.

Tom Buchanan

President, Oklahoma Farm Bureau