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Vaches named District Four Farm and Ranch Family

November 10, 2017  • News Releases

The Vache family of Randlett, Oklahoma, received the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee District Four Farm & Ranch Family Recognition during the organization’s annual meeting on Friday, Nov. 10 in Norman, Oklahoma.

Betty and Clarence Vache, Oklahoma Farm Bureau District 4 Farm & Ranch Family Recognition RecipientClarence and Betty Vache have dedicated their lives to constantly improving the land upon which they raise cattle and grow wheat. 

The couple raised three children on the farm, all of whom have helped throughout the years. Today, the Vache’s son, Mike, farms alongside Clarence Vache, carrying on the tradition of innovating and improving the family operation.

Clarence Vache was one of the early proponents of planting Bermudagrass in the early 1950s for cattle forage in an effort to produce better beef for consumers.

“First of all, before we grow beef, it takes nutrition,” he said of his farming philosophy. “In order to gain pounds, you’ve got to have protein. Of course, native grass is very low in protein, and some of our varieties, though the right management, have enough protein that we found the gain has far surpassed that we could do.”

Clarence Vache prides himself on improving land and ensuring it is well-cared-for and productive.

His innovations on the family’s farm have spread to son, Mike, who has incorporated precision agriculture systems into the family’s equipment and implemented new cattle marketing programs to help the family farm grow well into the future.

The couple recently commemorated their 70th wedding anniversary, celebrating a partnership that has served the Cotton-County natives well.

“We’ve always been partners in everything we do,” Betty Vache said. “We have a lot behind us that we can be proud of. And we’re looking for some more good years.”

Clarence Vache has served on the Cotton County Farm Bureau board for decades, and Betty Vache served on the Oklahoma Farm Bureau State Women’s Committee. Through their time in Farm Bureau, Clarence and Betty have attended numerous state and national conventions as well as legislative trips to Oklahoma City and Washington, D.C. The Vaches are also active members in their local Baptist Church.

OKFB’s Farm and Ranch Family Recognition program honors a farm and ranch family in each of OKFB’s nine districts who uphold the best traditions of Oklahoma agriculture and rural Oklahoma as they raise food and fiber for our state and beyond.

“Our Women’s Leadership Committee is proud to honor these families who have dedicated themselves to growing food for our world,” said Kitty Beavers, OKFB WLC Chairman. “Farming and ranching is an important way of life for our state, and these families deserve recognition for contributing to rural Oklahoma as they instill in their children the values of hard work and dedication that is needed throughout our state.”

As part of their recognition, the family received a cash award along with a custom sign to hang at their farm gate.

The Oklahoma Farm Bureau Annual Meeting is the organization’s largest gathering of farmers and ranchers every year. At the event, members vote on grassroots policy, elect leaders and award outstanding individuals. OKFB has a presence in all 77 Oklahoma counties and serves as the voice of agriculture and the rural way of life. To learn more, visit

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